Stealth 18" Linear LED MINI LIGHTBAR

Stealth 18" Linear LED MINI LIGHTBAR

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The Stealth 18" Linear is the smallest of the mini light bars we offer with the same, high performing LEDS as all our other full-size bars. The Stealth design simplifies the overly complicated light bar market and features super bright LEDs Available in TIR LED as well, Clear-coated polycarbonate anti-cracking, anti-yellowing lens moisture-proof with high-grade aluminum chassis

TIR vs Linear 

TIR light pattern stands for “Total Internal Reflector”. The best way to describe the light pattern would be to compare it to a flashlight. The spread is round and narrow with a 50-degree spread of light. The strong suit for the TIR is that the light is focused and directed giving a very bright light beam. The downside is that it covers a very narrow area. So it's brighter but narrower whereas the Linear is wider but not as bright.


Linear Light pattern is best described as producing a wide angle of light generally producing 180 degrees of light. This light pattern is highly effective for covering a wider angle however since the light head is being spread over a wider angle it appears much less bright than a TIR. 

  • 31 available flash patterns
  • Non-volatile memory recalls the last flash pattern
  • Clear-coated polycarbonate lens: anti-cracking & anti-yellowing
  • Waterproof 3M triple-bubble seal for outdoor protection
Max Draw 12.4 Amps
Cable length 10 feet
LED count 60 LEDs
Input Voltage 10-18 Volts DC
Dimensions 3.1"H x 18" L x 11.4" W

  • New Generation Technology – Linear  Optics
  • 31 available flash patterns
  • Upgradable multicolor traffic advisor functionality
  • Non-volatile memory recalls the last flash pattern
  • The lifespan of up to 100,000 hours
  • Magnetic feet included. 
  • 10” of cable from the light bar to the connector
  • Aluminum top housing provides structural reinforcement also 360 degrees coverage for collision protection


  • Magnetic feet mounted

  • Cigarette plug with switches 

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